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ost & construction management

Project development and construction are complex and laborious process consisting of many phases, stages, substages and require the participation of specialists and organizations of different specializations, their precise organization, coordination and control. In addition, continuous market demand for improved services, materials, technology and highest profit means that the development of any project is impossible without clear organization and management tools. These activities are carried out by Arcom specialists by means of preliminary time and cost planning of the project, accurate and detailed awareness of our Clients, harmonious coordination among all project participants, strict management and control.

Preliminary stage

  • ost modelling
  • Development planning

Pre-construction stage

  • Bills of quantities and cost estimate
  • Detailed construction schedule

Construction stage

  • Construction tender & procurement (contractors and surveyors)
  • Technical supervision (quantity surveying & quality control)
  • Cost supervision (xpenses audits, cost reporting)
  • Time schedule supervision (schedule reporting, contractors coordination)
  • Health & safety supervision

Post construction stage

  • Works testing & commissioning
  • Final Account Preparation
  • Defects liability period supervision
  • Technical consultation during claim mitigation & dispute resolution