Arcom company team actively promotes the use of Sustainable building principles and rules, integral part of Sustainable Development.

Our goals:

  • reduced ecological impact of resources and services life-cycle (construction works, materials, building systems and equipments) on natural environment and human health;
  • reduced non-renewable resources use;
  • reduced energy needs;
  • reduced waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

Obtaining of desired results requires implementation of the followings measures: adoption of new construction technologies, rational and efficient use of resources (energy, water, air, earth), use of natural local materials, waste management, materials recycling, reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Our ongoing projects:

  • Shopping Mall project coordination. It will be the first in Ukraine eco-efficient shopping mall with BREEAM certification.
  • Diplomatic Complex.

Main Green Building certification systems applied by us:

  • BREEAM (Building Research Establishments Environmental Assessment Method, United Kingdom, 1990)- over 250 000 buildings are certified and 1 million buildings registered for BREEAM certification.
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, United States, 1998) over 70 000 buildings have already passed LEED certification.
  • DGNB (German Sustainable Building Certificate, Germany, 2007) - by the beginning of 2008 121 organizations had already joined the DGNB. Today the association has more than 1100 members throughout the entire world.
  • HQE (High Quality Environmental standard, France, 1992) is a standard for green building based on the principles of Sustainable Development.